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Life In Army

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A career in army is expected to be one of the country's most prestigious and respected positions. Teens eager to pursue careers full of excitement, adventure, and challenge can't find a better place to meet all of their career expectations than defense.

Army is one of the essential spending sectors in the Indian economy. Geographical and topographical diversity, especially India’s 15,000km border with seven neighboring countries, presents unique challenges for the Indian Armed Forces. This section provides complete information on the activities of the Indian Army, Army Clerk, Army Tradesman, Army Technical, Army Mahila Police.

Life Of Army Men - Tradewise

Life of officers in the Indian army:-

Officers are also required to complete physical training in the morning just like other soldiers. Officers have only one opportunity of the day to sweat and stretch out their muscles, which is when they participate in PT. Since they have passed tough written exams, along with the acid test of SSB, they are considered fit for administrative work since they have passed tough written tests. Most of their time is spent doing paperwork in the office.

Officers enjoy better facilities than any other army department. Besides providing better accommodation, officers are given better amenities, and their pay scales are high.

Life of GD soldier in the army:-

As the day goes on, GD soldiers continue to train as well. Their day starts with morning PT, and their training continues throughout the day. Physical activities such as training drills, weapons training, firing, etc. are most commonly done by soldiers in general duty.

Life of Technical Soldier in the army:-

Since technical soldiers work in technical support, their lives are easier than those of soldier GDs, since they do not require much physical effort. Physical work is required during morning PT and afternoon games for a soldier with a technical trade.

Life of Soldier Clerk in the army:-

Once again, a soldier clerk reports for duty after morning physical training. Because soldier clerks are mainly involved in paperwork like keeping records, they spend most of their time in the office instead of on the field.

Life of a Nursing Assistant:-

Nursing assistants provide medical support to soldiers and, therefore, spend most of their time in military hospitals.

Life for Soldier Tradesman:-

A soldier tradesman is one of the functional units in the army that fixes or maintains things such as barbers, cooks, sweepers, electricians, and so on. Usually, their days are quite simple and easy.